Learning Remotely

Learning Remotely is a hub for student learning resources. Below on this page, you will find information about remote learning and links to a range of other resources including health and wellness and support for students with disabilities and for international students.

  • On the “Getting Started” page you will find basic information on tools that will be used for remote Instruction and how to access training.
  • On the “Learning Practices” page you will find information you may find useful in developing your learning strategy for remote instruction.
  • The “Tutoring” page has a growing aggregation of links to supports for learning.
  • On the “Other Learning Resources” page includes general resources to support you and opportunities for learning outside the classroom.
  • The “FAQs” page has frequently asked questions and answers to support you in learning remotely.

Remote Recording Policies and Copyright Statement

  • Our Recording Policy provides guidance for instructors and students about the recording of course sessions.
  • In connection with the Recording Policy, the University has developed a deletion protocol for recordings on Zoom to safeguard privacy and protect rights in courses and instructional materials.

Health and Well-Being

Students with Disabilities

Student Disability Services (SDS) works in collaboration with the University of Chicago faculty and staff to provide resources, support, and accommodations to ensure that all aspects of student life are accessible and inclusive of persons with disabilities. SDS staff work with students on an individual basis to determine reasonable accommodations to facilitate equitable access to learning and student life. For more information, please visit Student Disability Services and check back frequently for updates.

SDS is favailable for intake appointments with students via telephone, FaceTime and/or Zoom. For information on using accommodations, go to disabilities.uchicago.edu/students/using-accommodations/.

Equal Opportunity Programs and Remote Learning

The University is committed to providing a working and learning environment that is free from discrimination, harassment, and sexual misconduct. Equal Opportunity Programs (EOP) provides leadership in specific areas that support this mission, including efforts to address sexual misconduct, discrimination, and harassment, ensuring accessibility, and coordinating efforts to provide equal employment opportunities to all employees, applicants, and job seekers.

EOP is fully operational in the remote environment and all EOP staff are available to assist members of the community.

Student Services

For information about the many services, offices, individuals, and resources available, please visit the Resources page developed by the Office of Campus and Student Life.

College students can visit college.uchicago.edu for information and resources dedicated to helping students navigate as well as the College’s Student Services site. Graduate students can visit grad.uchicago.edu for more information about services and resources specifically tailored to the graduate student community.

Students experiencing financial challenges should first contact their dean of students. Students should also consult the information and resources provided by the Office of Financial Aid and the additional guidance provided in their Financial Aid FAQ.