Learning Remotely

Tutoring and Other Individual Support

Studying with others in your classes is still a great way to learn material, even when you are working together at a distance. We will add to this list as programs make arrangements for remote working. Please let us know of any learning support opportunity we are missing.

  • The College Core Tutor Program is peer-based tutoring in a range of classes. As usual they plan to start programming in the second week of the quarter.
  • The Sosc Writing Program will continue to support students enrolled in Classics and PIR during spring quarter. Writing advisors embedded in these sequences will collectively hold 45 hours a week of virtual “Harper” hours and students will be able to sign up for one-on-one meetings through College Scheduling (as they did in fall and winter quarters). The program will also continue to hold topical workshops and to support instructors by placing Writing advisors in individual sections. Access the program at collegescheduling.uchicago.edu and then schedule an appointment with Sosc Core Writing Advisers (Classics & PIR)
  • Mathematics Tutoring in the College: The Mathematics Department has created new positions called Math Tutors for Spring 2020, who will be available to help in the following courses: MATH 13300, 15300, 15910, 16300, 19520, 19620, 20000, 20100, and 20250.
    Outside of the virtual office hours and problem sessions offered by the instructional staff, students in these courses will be able to work with a Math Tutor who has specified an interest in helping individuals in their course. Students interested in getting help from a Math Tutor should contact their instructor, who will have a list of Math Tutors’ names and e-mails.  The student would then contact the Math Tutor directly and schedule a mutually convenient time.
  • English Language Institute programming offers a range of supports and will be offered online in spring of 2020.
  • The Writing Program offers tutoring and consultation.
  • UChicagoGRAD offers individual advising and online webinars for graduate students and postdocs in a wide range of areas. These include career development, diversity and inclusion, fellowship advising, public speaking and presentation skills, and work/life balance.